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    For added convenience, the Village of Foremost accepts e-transfer, on-line banking and EFT Payments
    for the following:
    • Taxes
    • Utilities
    • Campground

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    1.WATER OPERATOR PUBLIC WORKS ASSISTANT- The Village of Foremost is seeking an individual that has recieved the mandated level of training...

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Community Events

Merry Christmas!
Dec. 25th 2023 (All day)

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember to follow all reistrictions and guidlines to keep everyone healthy...

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Village Services

For added convenience, the Village of Foremost accepts e-transfer ( , on-line banking and EFT Payments
for the following:
• Taxes
• Utilities
• Campground
• Miscellaneous Charges

To reduce Red Tape, the Village of Foremost no longer requires the purchase of Business Licenses

Application for Development Permit 

Development Permit Application Process:

  • Complete attached application form Applictaion Form
  • Submit application to the Village of Foremost via email: and attach a drawing of proposed development 
  • Submit Application Fee of  $125.00 via e-transfer, online baking or if preferred, mail, drop off a cheque or pay by debit at the Village Office ( Drop Box Available)



The Village drinking water is obtained from eight Artesian wells. This water is is then put through two RO skids that cut down the flouride and sodium. The regional treatment plant is located at 102 A Cross Street, with the eight wells we have enough water to supply the surrounding communities as well. Water Charges are $60.00 minimum charge plus $2.00 per 1000 gallons. Please contact the Village of Foremost for more details. (403) 867-3733

This water is very soft which makes it great for bathing and washing clothes. However, it is high in fluoride and soda which gives it a unique taste. The well water should NOT BE used to water house plants or lawns and gardens for an extended period of time. 

Foremost is fortunate enough to have an irrigation system which is designed to provide water for residential lawns and gardens. The irrigation water is drawn from a reservoir located west of the Village. This water is not metered but is provided during the summer months at a charge of $90.00 yearly.


Sewer and Sewage Disposal System

Classification                                                       Charge Every 2 Months

Domestic                                                                         $39.90

Business Premises                                                         $44.80

Garages and Service Stations                                        $67.80

Licenced Hotels                                                              $178.60

Motels                                                                             $111.90

Licenced Restaurants                                                     $111.90

Schools                                                                           $198.50

Trailer Court                                                                    $43.70 per occupied lot

Reminder- Sewer System

Due to past sewer problems, please do not dispose of egg shells, cooking grease, cooking oil, feminine hygiene products, condoms, or baby wipes through the sewer systems. As well, it has been found that over use of liquid fabric softeners and powder laundry detergents cause a buildup in sewer lines, so please keep that in mind when using these items. The Village of Foremost appreciates your cooperation with this issue in helping to keep our sewer lines clean!


Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected every Wednesay.

Garbage Collection Changes effective January 8, 2020  - please click here for more information 

South Forty Waste Services Landfill Site

Hours of Operation

  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Foremost 1pm-6pm   8am-1pm 10am-5pm
Skiff 9am-1pm * 2pm-4pm  
Etzikom   2pm-6pm*   11:30am-1:30pm
Orion   9am-1pm*   9am-11am

*In Etzikom, Orion, and Skiff the first Thursday of every month will be cardboard pickup.

Foremost Hours of Operation:

Wednesday: 1:00pm-6:00pm

Fridays: 8:00am-1:00pm

Saturdays: 10:00am-5:00pm


The Commission would like to encourage everyone to recycle glass, plastics, metal cans and paper by using the recycle containers in Foremost or nearby centres. We would request that all individuals:
Report to the Waste Transfer Site Operator before disposing garbage.
Arrive earlier to allow sufficient time to unload before closing time.
Freon removal service is available at Tirecraft in Foremost. Freon removal certification (sticker) is required before acceptance at the designated sites.


The Cardboard Trailer will be located at Skiff, Etzikom and Orion on a monthly basis as indicated in the chart above.
Please note only clean, flattened, corrugated cardboard is accepted at all sites monthly. CHEMICAL BOXES must also be flattened and will, then, be treated as regular garbage.
The following charts will indicate where and when various types of garbage will be accepted. All sites will be closed except for the times posted. *** The sites are closed on Statutory Holidays.

Fire and Ambulance

Foremost has an active Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Squad. There are 26 fire hydrants in the Village and all buildings are within 1,000 feet of a hydrant. Paramedic service and Air Ambulance are available from Medicine Hat, if needed. The County of Forty Mile No.8 is seeking a new fire chief.

Municipal Enforcement or Fire department inquaries (403) 867-3530


Tax Rates 

Municipal Tax Rate:

Residential/Farmland                           12.6639

Non-Residential                                    12.6639

Education - Alberta School Foundation Fund Tax Rate:

Residential                                            2.4640

Non-Residential                                    3.6245

Seniors Lodge Accommodation Tax Rate:

Residential/Farmland                           0.1039

Non-Residential                                    0.1039

Designated Industrial Property             0.076


Dog By-Laws

All dogs, six months and older, are required to wear a Village Dog Tag. These tags are available each January at a cost of:

  • Neutered/Spayed Dogs $10.00
  • Unaltered Dogs $15.00